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Histamine, Lactose, Gluten, Fructose.  With the app ‘food-intolerances’, you always have your personal guide for your food – intolerance at hand!

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Now there is a new, particularly user-friendly app for histamine, lactose and gluten intolerances.

The intelligent navigation is simple to use and provides rapid information – thanks to the easy-to-understand traffic-light system:

  • Search alphabetically or by food category
  • Set your personal tolerance level for individual foods
  • Single view with intolerances at a glance
  • Only display tolerated foods using the filter function

The app’s special feature: it can be adjusted completely individually to the needs and preferences of the user, because it lets you give your own assessment of each food.

People who are colour-blind can select a modified non-colour-based view of the traffic-light system.

The food classifications are based on details from the SIGHI – the Swiss Histamine Intolerance Interest Group.



























Mastzellenfreundliche und histaminarme Küche

Sie sind häufig krank, fühlen
sich oft gestresst, unwohl oder werden immer wieder von lästigen Symptomen mit unklarer Ursache geplagt?

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