Lebensmittel Intoleranzen App

Improved user interface

 With our last update, we optimized the user interface. The user gets an optical stimulation when a button is pushed which simplifies the navigation.      

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Now available at Windows Store

We are glad to inform you that our app is now available at Windows Store as well. Despite that, we took some small improvements.

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Now available at Google PlayStore! Free The Lite Version offers a limited number of food. € 5,49 The full version.    

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Histamine, lactose, gluten.
What is left to eat?

The new app “Lebensmittel-Intoleranzen” includes histamine, lactose and gluten intolerances. It’s easy to use, quickly informing – due to a simple traffic light system. Additionally, it provides a filter function. Special clue is the possibility to set your personal tolerance level for individual foods. Thus you may e.g. put “apple” from red to green. People […]

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Mastzellenfreundliche und histaminarme Küche

Sie sind häufig krank, fühlen
sich oft gestresst, unwohl oder werden immer wieder von lästigen Symptomen mit unklarer Ursache geplagt?

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